With its appealing, cool and crisp white luster, ‘Silver’ jewellery combines the endurance of a precious metal with an uncanny ability to adapt to fashion’s
demands. Silver Streak was born by two aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to bring silver jewelry to the mainline. With stores in by-lanes of Mumbai, your one-stop for all things silver is now online. 

Silver Streak personifies the individualistic approach to style. Our range is casual and comfortable and, at the same time, elegant and timeless. Take your pick from tastefully crafted ‘antique finish’ earrings studded with pearls, topaz  & emeralds or the enigmatic pendants with outstanding motifs inspired by flora and fauna.

The limited selection of designs available, from demure and traditional to bold
and dramatic, allows you to build a vast and personalized silver jewelry wardrobe
as varied as your every mood, style and budget.